October 3, 2021

Benefits Of Meditation

Woman sitting in bed meditating

In today’s wellness world, meditation has become synonymous with self-care, and it is easy to understand why. This ancient practice has numerous benefits that impact both your physical and mental health. Here are some benefits of meditation and how to incorporate the practice into your daily routine.

Meditating With Candles and Incense

Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Stress and anxiety affects almost everyone in some way, and meditating can be a way to help cope with these feelings. Meditation promotes relaxation, helps to remove us from stressful situations, and can help us gain more insight on what is causing our stress or anxiety.

Increasing Your Patience
With modern technology, we are used to many things being done instantly, patience is no longer a skill many of us have! By being still for a few moments each day without distraction, you are training yourself to become more composed and tolerant.

Become More Self Aware
Taking a few moments each day to reflect and meditate can help you get a better understanding of your inner self. Practicing meditation can help promote more awareness of your own feelings and clarity with your thoughts.

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How To Incorporate Meditation Into Your Life
When you think of meditating, you make think of sitting cross legged on the floor chanting with incense burning. That is definitely one way to meditate, but it is not the only way. Here are some ways you can incorporate meditation into your life:

  • Have a designated place in your home where you meditate.
  • Use an App or a YouTube video. Guided meditations are a great way to get started with creating this new habit.
  • Start slow. It may be tempting to try a long meditation session, but it is best to keep around  5 or 10 minutes a day at first.
  • Don’t get down on yourself! Meditation, like any skill, takes practice.

How do you incorporate meditation into you life?

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