Working From Home
Working From Home
October 12, 2021

How To Move While Working From Home

Woman working from home

Working from home has become the new normal for most people. Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging with this new way of working. Staying healthy working from home is a great way to make sure you are productive and feel your best.

The most common area people struggle with when it comes to staying healthy working from home is getting enough movement throughout the day. Here are some ways to move more during the workday.

Set A Reminder
The Google Chrome app Move It reminds you to get up and move. You can choose how often the app can remind you, and the activities are fun. From hopping on one leg, or doing the ‘wave’, it is an enjoyable way to take a mini-break.

Add Some Steps
It may be convenient to go to the closest bathroom or sit and take a call, but if you make those small tasks into active ones, your steps will quickly add up. For example:

  • When you take a call: walk around the room or do some simple exercises, like squats or calf raises.
  • When you go to the restroom: go to the further one to get those steps in, this works if you have two or more restrooms in your home.
  • When you get thirsty: fill up a glass of water and bring it back to your workstation. Once it is done, get up for a refill.

Take A (Walking) Break
It may be tempting on your lunch hour to watch an episode on Netflix or take a quick nap, and some days that is a great idea. However, an easy habit to make is taking a walking lunch break. After you have a quick lunch, put on your sneakers and take a quick walk around your neighbourhood. Walking is not only a great form of low-impact exercise, but it helps promote clarity and reduce stress, making you a more productive employee.

Stretch It Out
Sometimes our workday is so hectic, we don’t have time to blink! On these days, some light stretching is a great way to move your body and get your blood flowing. This is especially important if you work at a desk, as it puts you at risk for compromised posture and tension in the upper body.

Step Up
Even though you may not be working in an office building, taking every opportunity to use the stairs is still a great idea. If you live in a condominium building, try taking the stairs as often as possible. If you are on a higher floor, why not take the stairs part of the way, and then hop on the elevator.

Increasing your movement can be achieved with these few simple ideas. Do you have any tips for staying healthy working from home?

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