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Morning Routine
Morning Routine
June 15, 2022

Your New Morning Routine

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Your morning is very important, it sets the tone for the entire day and can affect your mood, too. Here are some of our favorite ways to ensure our day starts off on a positive notes:

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Make Your Bed
There is a saying that a messy bed equals a messy mind. To help start your day clear minded and ready for opportunities, take the extra few minutes to make your bed. Studies show that people who make their beds in the morning are more organized throughout their day. This simple task can mentally prepare you for the day ahead.


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Meditation is an ancient practice that is becoming more popular in today’s society, and it is easy to see why. A few minutes of meditating daily can lead to more self-awareness, less stress and anxiety, and helps strengthen your patience. If you have trouble meditating, try using an app or a YouTube video with a guided sequence.

Scent Based Experience
A simple way to add a little joy to your morning; entice your senses. Try lighting your favorite candle, burning incense, or using a diffuser and enjoy the scent. Having the comforting aroma surround you as you get dressed and make breakfast can help you feel relaxed and ready to begin work. These are a few of our go-to Autumn scents to start the day off right.

Treat Yourself
Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is a must, but a simple way to treat yourself every morning is having a nice cup of coffee or tea. Whether it is a special French Roast blend you save for mornings only, or a fancy tea that takes a little time to steep, this indulgence can make a difference in your day.

No Social Media

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In an age where our phones are with us at all times, try and make an effort not to check your social media in the morning. Take the time to enjoy waking up and doing things that make you feel good. Save the scrolling for your commute or a lunchtime break, and make your mornings for you.

How do you begin your day to ensure it starts in a good way?

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