Fall Refresh

Fall Refresh

Spring Cleaning is a concept that many of us have heard of, but here at Airzai we like refreshing our spaces seasonally. This gives us a chance to clear our homes, minds, and create a fresh space for the season. Here is how we refresh our space for the Fall. 

Clean Up
Take the time during your Fall Refresh to clean and disinfect your space with a natural disinfectant. Wipe down all commonly touched areas, give your windows a clean and vacuum. Take the opportunity to give your home a deep cleaning, from top to bottom. 

Open Your Windows
During the Fall, the air is crisp and not too cold. This is the perfect time to open your windows and let in the fresh, outdoor air. Allowing the air to flow through your home is not only a great way to refresh your space, but is good for your mind as well. 

Pitch It
The change of the season is a great way to go through your closets and other spaces and rid any items that are no use for you anymore. The task itself may seem daunting, but it is a great way to let go of any clutter that may be hidden, and rediscover any items you may have misplaced.

New season means new décor! Fall makes us want to stay indoors and get cozy, take the time to find your favorite blankets and Fall-themed items and put them on display. These little touches can completely transform your space. 

Home Scents 
As you are cleaning your home, enhance your space with scents. Different scents can help promote feelings of energy, calmness, cleanliness and relaxation. Try burning a soy-based candle, using an oil diffuser or spraying your space with a natural room spray. Need some scent ideas? We listed our favorite Fall scents in our Falling for Scents article.

How do you clean your home for the upcoming season?