Falling For Fall Scents

Falling For Fall Scents

As the weather gets cooler, we will be spending more time indoors. Creating a space that is enjoyable and welcoming is easy, once you have found your signature home scent. Your home scent should feel inviting and enjoyable, when you walk through your front door all your senses feel at ease. These are some of our favorite Fall scents to bring the season indoors:

A classic outdoorsy scent, that brings nature to you. 
We love the fresh and timeless smell cedarwood has to offer. Also, the scent is a great winter fragrance as well, making it easy to transition into the next season.

Sweet and nostalgic, cinnamon is a classic Fall scent. From the childhood memories of baking with cinnamon, or a sprinkle on top of our favorite Fall drink, the smell of cinnamon is synonymous with the Fall season. 

Sweet Orange
Looking for a home fragrance with a little more pep? We love using a sweet orange citrus scent to refresh our home and boost our mood. The refreshing citrus smell is sure to put a smile on your face.

Tips For A Perfectly Scented Space
- If you are using scented candles to refresh your space, be sure to check that they are soy-based candles. If they burn black, they may contain harmful chemicals.
- If you opt to use a diffuser in your home, select quality, 100% certified pure essential oils. You want to ensure the essential oil contains just that, and no chemical fillers that may ruin the quality of the product. 


What are your top Fall scents?