Home & Tech Devices We Love

Home & Tech Devices We Love

At Airzai, we enjoy having a technological aspect in our home. It creates a luxurious and modern feel that also helps with our day to day tasks. Here are the Home Tech Devices we cannot live without. 

Amazon Echo with Alexa
From asking to play an uplifting playlist to ordering that last minute item we totally forgot from Amazon, Alexa is our own personal assistant. The device is easy to use and connects with wi-fi, with a quick ‘Alexa’ we can ask our device to do anything that comes to mind. The possibilities are endless with Amazon’s Alexa.

Roomba Vacuum
Whether your home is filled with children, furry friends or just yourself, vacuuming is a chore no one looks forward too. Enter the Roomba Vacuum. The modern way to keep your space your home neat and tidy, without lifting a finger. The device intuitively maps out your living space, and vacuums accordingly.

Nest Doorbell
Remember the days when friends and family would just ‘pop’ over when they were in the area? Seems like a thing of the past! Now, people usually send a quick text to let you know they have arrived. But for those unexpected guests, deliveries, or pets that may have been left outdoors, the Nest Doorbell with built-in camera is the best way to check who is at the door, without being at the door. (Image from WayFair.com)

LG Smart TV
With the surge of new streaming platforms, cable may not be your first choice for watching shows and movies. LG Smart TV allows you to have all your streaming platforms and cable options in one place, without using a separate device. Furthermore, you can access different platforms and shows using only your voice, making it even easier to find your next binge-watching series.

What are some of your favorite Home Tech Devices to increase ease and productivity in your home?

Stay tuned for the new Airzai Aroma diffuser coming soon, the perfect combination of home technology and a luxury appeal.