How To Create A Meditation Space

How To Create A Meditation Space

Meditation is an ancient practice that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few decades. With many apps dedicated to meditation and accessories to help further your practice, creating your own meditation space has never been easier. That being said, this space does not have to include anything extraordinary, here are some practical tips to make your very own meditation space.

Keep It Simple 
It can be tempting to purchase different accessories and knick-knacks to make your space feel like your own. But truthfully, the more simple your meditation area is, the better it will serve you. Cut out the clutter and distractions and create a place that feels calm.

Comfort Is Key
When you are meditating, being comfortable makes a world of a difference. Look for a meditation cushion, pillow or cozy chair to use while you meditate. These types of items are key in creating your space. 

Ignite Your Senses
Meditation allows you to better connect with yourself, your senses included. When you meditate, try lighting a calming candle or using a diffuser with an essential oil, the aroma can help you relax and focus on your practice. 

Add Some Inspiration
Is there a photo that instantly makes you feel more positive? Or perhaps a quote that resonates with you? These are great elements to incorporate into your space to help increase feelings of happiness when you meditate. Just remember our first tip to keep it simple and only add one or two of these items. 

Small Is Perfect
If you take a moment to search up meditation spaces online, you will find decorative rooms people have created for their practice. Although these spots are beautiful, they are not necessary at all. Your meditation space can be as simple as a small corner in your living room, the key is to make it your own and to use it. Some common ways to make your meditation spot yours are to add a pillow, use a scented candle or diffuser, and have a token of something that inspires you.

Try incorporating these ideas and creating your own personal meditation space.