How To Exercise In Cold Weather

How To Exercise In Cold Weather

We here at Airzai believe that daily movement is crucial for a healthy mind and body. Whether you enjoy an intense workout that gets your heart pumping, or a more gentle style of fitness that helps you to relax, movement is something we should all take part in. During the warm weather months, it is easy to slip on a pair of running shoes and go for a quick stroll around your neighborhood. However, as the cool weather begins to make an appearance, here are some of our favorite ways to continue our workout outdoors.

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The Proper Wardrobe
If you are an avid runner or outdoor fitness fan, do not let the cold temperatures derail you from your exercise routine. With the proper cold weather gear, your outdoor runs can still be a daily form of movement. Thermal socks, gloves and clothing layers are simple swaps you can add to your running attire that will help you keep warm in the cooler seasons.

Workout Gear
Having a few products for the outdoors can help your workouts feel more comfortable in the cold. Hand Warmers are a great way to stop freezing fingers, simply add them into your pockets or mittens to keep your hands toasty. Also, hats with Bluetooth capability are perfect to keep your head warm, and allow you to listen to music while you workout.

Cold Weather Activities
If your fitness activities are best in warmer temperatures, like swimming, try a winterized activity. Having a seasonal hobby allows you to get outside and appreciate the weather in a new way. Skating, skiing and snowboarding are fun options that can only be done in the cold, giving you a reason to look forward to the cooler temperatures.

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Create A Post Workout Ritual
When working out in the cold, having a post workout ritual may be something to help motivate you. The cooler temperatures allow for relaxing techniques that may not feel very comfortable in the summer. For example, try soaking in a hot bath after a workout, using a sauna or steam room, or heating up a muscle relief pad to use on your sore muscles. These heat focused practices will feel extra relaxing after a workout in the great outdoors. 

How do you workout in the cooler weather?