How To Host A Family Game Night

How To Host A Family Game Night

Looking for family activities you can do indoors? Last week, we wrote about hosting a Family Movie Night, this week we are discussing how to host a fun family game night! Here is how to host your own family game night. 

Have A Line Up
Choose at least 3 games to play, some games are shorter than others so you may finish quickly. Having a line up of options allows the fun to never end! Some of our family approved favorites include: Operation, Cadoo, HeadsUp, Jenga and Uno.

Mix and Match
When you are planning a game night, feel free to mix and match game formats. Card, board and video/app games are all different ways to bring the family together. Also, it allows you to engage with different skills and senses, too. 

Make Snacks
A game night needs snacks, that is not up for discussion. When you are creating a menu for your game night, have easy ‘grab and go’ options to keep hands free for playing and moving around. Some delicious recipes to try are: s’mores popcorn, banana split on a stick, bite sized taco cups, and pizza sticks. All of these recipes are easy to eat, so it allows the game to keep going!  

Prizes For All
Maybe keeping score isn’t something you do during game night, but giving our prizes and awards can be part of the fun. Think of fun superlatives titles like: funniest player, fastest thinker, best Operation doctor, and award prizes to each family member. The prizes can be simple finds at the dollar store that add to the theme of the night.

Finding family time activities at home can be difficult. But making a themed event, like game night or movie night, allows you to get everyone involved in the planning process. Together you can choose games, snacks and prizes to make your family game night a memorable one.