How To Transition Your Workouts Outdoors

How To Transition Your Workouts Outdoors

As the temperatures begin to increase, we want to be outside more. A great way to get outside and enjoy the weather is to take your workout outside. Here are some simple ways to enjoy outdoor fitness.

Dress Accordingly
Depending on where you live, springtime may mean t-shirts and light clothing, in other areas a jacket is still a requirement when going outside. Before heading out, take a look at the weather and keep in mind what type of outdoor fitness routine you will be doing. Using layers, packing a light jacket and wearing gloves are simple ways to keep warm outside. 

Cool Down
Instead of taking your entire workout outside, try just doing your cool down outdoors. Ending your workout with a light walk and some stretching is a great way to lower your heart rate, improve flexibility and help you relax after a tough workout. A quick stroll and some deep breaths outside will not only do your body good, but it will feel even better.

Purchase Equipment
Some fitness activities are best done outside, like bike riding and rollerblading. If you are the type of person who enjoys these types of activities, treat yourself to some equipment to get you in the springtime spirit. 

Create A Space
People tend to create indoor workout spaces, but have you ever thought of creating an outdoor workout space? With an exercise mat, almost anywhere can be transformed into your workout space. Try doing some stretches on your balcony, backyard, or your local park, it feels great to go outdoors and move. 

Do you prefer to workout outside? What are some of your favorite ways to move outdoors?