Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas

Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas

Spring break is around the corner, and keeping the little ones busy during the day is no easy task! We have rounded up some fun crafts for kids to do at home.

Tying on rope on birdfeeder

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder 
This is definitely one of our favorite and fun arts and crafts for kids, a popsicle stick bird feeder. This craft is not only simple to make, but it allows you to get outside and see your masterpiece in action. All you need are some popsicle sticks (you may need to eat quite a few ice creams to get enough to make this craft!), glue, twine and bird seeds and you have a fun craft that will help welcome new friends to your yard! (Photo + Craft courtesy of Made With Happy

DIY nature painted tic tac toe rocks

Garden Tic-Tac-Toe
Garden Tic-Tac-Toe is a twist on the classic game, using painted rocks to make it an outdoor version. This craft can be made two ways, with a hard surface (like a slab of wood) or sidewalk chalk, as the game-board. Both versions require painted rocks as your game pieces. Try searching in your local park and find some fun shaped rocks, paint and add some glitter to make your own unique game pieces. Once they are finished, create the game board and get ready for some classic fun! (Photo + Craft courtesy of Run Wild My Child

How to Make Cloud DoughCloud Dough
You may remember the slime craze of the past, but cloud dough, another one of our top crafts for kids to do at home, is easy to make and comes together quickly! With a few household ingredients, you can make cloud dough in a few minutes, but the end result is hours of fun. Get the kids involved in the process and have them choose colors, mix the dough and include fun add-ins, like beads and glitter. It is a fun sensory craft that will keep them entertained, too! (Photo + Craft courtesy of Best Ideas For Kids

These fun crafts for kids are not only entertaining, but allow you to create memories too. What are your favorite fun arts and crafts for kids?