Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

After months of being stuck inside due to the weather, spring is around the corner and we cannot wait! We are creating a ‘Spring Bucket List’, with things to do in the spring that will be fun for the whole family.

Nature Hike
Grab your galoshes and head out for a nature hike! With animals coming out of hibernation and plants beginning to bloom, this is a fun way to explore your area, learn about the species that live there, and get some exercise. 

Go Old School
Remember the days of hopscotch, jump rope and kickball? As children, these were some of our favorite things to do in the spring after months of being stuck indoors during the winter. Re-introduce these games to your children and show them how much fun it can be to take a break from the screen and play outside!

Plan A Picnic
Planning a picnic is one of the funnest ways to enjoy the season.  Although this activity is very weather dependent, it provides a great opportunity to gather with friends and spend time outdoors. Pack easy to eat options like sandwiches and fruit, pick a location, like a local park or lake, and spend the day eating, drinking and having fun.

Bike Riding
Our spring activities list wouldn’t be complete without bike riding. Take your bike out of storage and give it a quick clean, fill the tires with air and get ready to go for a ride. Do some research and find some bike trails in your area, or find a new part of your neighborhood to explore.

Kite Flying
Kite flying is another one of those spring activities that are weather dependent (you need wind!), but we tend to forget how much fun it can be. If you choose to go kite flying make sure to choose an open area with not too many trees or poles, that can lead to tangled kite quite quickly!

There you have it, some fun things to do in the spring! Our Spring Bucket List is just a starting point, what are some of your favorite spring activities?