Staying Safe & Healthy

Staying Safe & Healthy

As we transition back to school and work, staying safe and healthy amidst COVID-19 in addition to the cold and flu season is the top priority. We here at Airzai believe a clean home is a safe home, these are some of the steps we are taking to ensure we are being proactive with our health. 

Washing your hands, this is one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of 
germs. Make sure you are washing with proper hand soap, and for a full 30 seconds. Quick tip, singing Happy Birthday (twice!) is a simple way to remember the length of time. Also, washing your hands includes properly drying them as well! 


Whether you are back to work or school, having hand sanitizer with you is a quick and efficient way to disinfect in a pinch. We like to keep an extra bottle or two in our bag and car, in case we are unable to wash our hands with soap and water. 

Think about how many common surfaces you touch everyday; your phone, keyboard, bag, pens, headphones, just to name a few. Take a few moments each evening to sanitize your commonly touched items to help rid any bacteria that may have transferred to these surfaces

Keeping your immune system healthy is one way to avoid catching a cold. Be sure to begin taking vitamins every day in order for your body to receive the full benefits. It can be a common misconception to start taking vitamins when you feel sick, but you need to start beforehand. 

Cough & Sneeze
When you need to cough or sneeze, always use the inner part of your elbow, or a tissue. It is a simple step that can stop the spread of germs immensely.

One simple thing everyone can do to stay healthy is to sleep! Sleeping is the best way for your body to rest, repair and get ready for the following day. When you are feeling under the weather, sleep is even more vital. Try to get approximately 8 hours of rest every night to reap the benefits. Try using a sleep app, like Apple Health, FitBit or Sleep Cycle to track your quality of sleep and help you achieve a full 8 hours of rest.
These are some of the practices we are incorporating to help our homes and families stay safe. How do you stay healthy during the cold and flu season?