The Best House Plants For Your Space

The Best House Plants For Your Space

House plants have become a popular way to decorate and refresh your space, especially in the spring. Plants add a pop of color to your home, can help purify your air and add a nature-like touch to your decor. Here are some of our favorite easy care indoor plants.

Peace Lily
A Peace Lily is not only one of the most common house plants, but also one that is very low maintenance. This plant thrives in both high or low light, and will begin to wilt when it needs to be watered. With its glossy leaves and easy care routine, this is a great plant to own indoors.

Snake Plant
Looking for some greenery that also purifies your space? The Snake Plant is one of the best plants for air purification. In addition to that, it is also another easy care indoor plant. The leaves do not fall and make a mess, trimming and pruning is not required and it can survive in both light and shade, this plant is a great option for both looks and health.

Chinese Evergreen 
One of the most common house plants and easy to care indoor plants because it is so forgiving in terms of care. This plant thrives in both humidity and dry air, little or lots of light, and will still survive if you occasionally forget to water it. Chinese Evergreen is a great option for your bathroom to add a pop of color. 

Aloe Vera 
Another common house plant for many people is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera needs to be in a bright and sunny location in order to thrive, but watering this plant is not an issue, as you can go for a few weeks without watering it. Aloe Vera is a useful plant to have around because it is known for its healing properties. Next time you have a burn or sore, cut a piece of the plant off and rub it directly on to the area to help heal it faster.

Hanging eucalyptus in the shower has become a popular trend, and for good reason! Not only does it look spa-like in your bathroom, but hanging eucalyptus can help with health concerns. The scent of eucalyptus is a form of aromatherapy, further activated by the steam in the shower, helping you relax and reduce stress. Also, eucalyptus helps reduce sinus congestion, a natural way to feel better when you are suffering from a cold. Try this pretty and popular plant in your bathroom. 

Pothos Plant
Our list wouldn't be complete without the pothos plant, another one of the easy to care indoor plants. Pothos does well in basically any type of setting, except direct sunlight, making it a great option for a room with no windows. This plant can be grown in both soil or a vase with water, letting you choose which option is best for you. The pothos plant is a great way to add some low maintenance greenery to any space in your home.   

When we decorate with plants, we tend to opt for easy to care indoor plants. Low maintenance but still decorative. What are your favorite plants to add into your space?