Airzai Fragrance Sample Kit

Airzai Fragrance Sample Kit

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Be one of the first to experience Airzai home fragrances. If you're curious about the fragrances available for the AIRZAI aroma, buy our fragrance sampler kit and get $15 off your first purchase over $50.

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Refreshing Rosemary

Using the natural essential oil of rosemary in our Natural Disinfectant Spray. Rosemary essential oil has antibacterial properties to help get rid of germs on both surfaces and in the air. With an evergreen, citrus like scent your space will be free of bacteria and smell absolutely refreshing.

Peace of Mind

Use the new and improved formula to protect you and your loved ones against harmful bacteria that can linger for hours. Refresh your space in a safe and non-toxic way with the lasting aroma. Use it in your home, car, truck or any closed environments or use when you’re on-the-go, for a clean space and peace of mind.

Aromatic Lemongrass

The germ fighting power of lemongrass in our Natural Disinfectant Spray. The naturally occurring antibacterial properties in lemongrass makes it a clean staple in our Disinfectant Spray. The refreshing and luxurious aroma of lemongrass leaves your space safe and germ free!

Natural Disinfectant

Lab Tested & Verified — Effective Against Bacteria

Safe For Kids & Pets

Parents and pet owners can feel safe and assured that their space can be protected using our new and improved formula, with the addition of naturally derived rosemary. Airzai® Care Natural Disinfectant Spray is made with top quality natural ingredients, ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

Where To Use

Our new and improved Natural Disinfectant Spray can be used in both spaces and on items. Use as a disinfect spray in large areas such as restaurants and gyms. Or as a surface spray on items such as handles and tables. The non-toxic formula with rosemary kills germs and bacteria on contact.

Ride Sharing & Transit

The new Airzai® Care Natural Disinfectant Spray with rosemary is perfect to keep yourself safe while travelling. When taking transit, ride share services or other forms of transportation, use a spray of the natural disinfectant to protect yourself from germs and lingering bacteria.

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