Airzai Discovery Set of 4 Scents (5ml each)
Airzai Discovery Set of 4 Scents (5ml each)
Airzai Discovery Set of 4 Scents (5ml each)
Airzai Discovery Set of 4 Scents (5ml each)

Discovery Set

4 Scents 5ml each

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Embark on a sensory journey with our four signature scents, each uniquely crafted to evoke distinct emotions and enhance wellness. These mini spray bottles are perfect for carrying in your bag or car, allowing you to tailor your ambiance to every moment. Infused with the essence of health and well-being, our scents are more than just fragrances; they're a personal wellness companion. Ideal for gifting, they offer a luxurious, mood-enhancing experience that resonates with every use

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Kids and Pets Safe

4 x Airzai Signature Scents

What’s inside your Discovery Set

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Eternal Energy

Infuse your senses with vitality as vibrant Bergamot and Yuzu come together in this refreshing blend, ready to uplift and energise your day.

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Peacefully Productive

Harness peace and focus with the serene harmony of Nashi Pear and Peony, designed to enhance your productivity and bring a sense of calm purpose.

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Mindful Meditation

Embark on a mindfulness journey with the soothing embrace of Sandalwood and Amber, crafting moments of deep relaxation and inner reflection.

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Serene Sleep

Experience tranquility in every drop as White Tea and Jasmine intertwine, guiding you towards a night of restful slumber and serene dreams.

Brain Science Meets Natural Ingredients

Our fragrances are crafted by award-winning expert perfumers using a special technology called ZenAir™, which links scents to emotions. Tested by brain scientists at the University of Geneva, these Mood-Boost scent blends were shown through brain scans (FMRI) to trigger areas of the brain linked to feelings of calm and positivity.

In simple terms, our carefully created, naturally-driven fragrances not only smell wonderful but also help boost your mood, making your surroundings more pleasant and uplifting.

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100% safe to consume IFRA certified

Our fragrances adhere to the stringent International Fragrance Association (IFRA) certification, ensuring safe and high-quality scents. Through rigorous evaluation, IFRA verifies ingredient and product safety, making our collection suitable for children and pets. Embrace elegance with confidence.


Clean and Premium Ingredients

100% Cruelty Free Products

Designed by Award-winning Perfumers

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Over 500 Positive Reviews

I recently picked up this discovery set from AIRZAI here in Dubai, and it's been a great find. With the city always buzzing and the weather mostly hot, this Bergamot and Yuzu blend which I think is the energize one is just what I need. i keep it in my bag and since I am always on the go, It's refreshing without being overpowering, perfect for a quick pick-me-up before heading to work or a night out. I love how it adds a bit of freshness to my day, especially when I'm stuck in traffic or between meetings. It's like a little slice of calm amidst the dazzling chaos of dubai.
- Bergamot and Yuzu (eternal energy)

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Aisha K.

Dubai, UAE

As a yoga instructor, I'm always seeking ways to enhance the atmosphere for my classes and students. The 'Mindful Meditation' spray, with its calming blend of White Tea and Jasmine, has become an essential part of my studio. I simply spray it around towards the end of the class and my clients love the serene ambiance it creates!

- Mindful Meditation

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Sophia M.

Los Angeles, CA

Living in the bustling city of New York, I find Serene Sleep scent quite helpful. It can be a little overwhelming so dont spray too much but the subtle notes of Sandalwood help me unwind and sleep peacefully in a city that never sleeps.

- Serene Sleep

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Michael R.

New York, NY

I run a boutique in Miami and love to greet my customers with an inviting atmosphere. The Nashi Pear scent from this discovery set adds a unique, refreshing touch that my clients adore. It's a conversation starter and enhances their shopping experience.I cannot wait to buy the Airzai Aroma diffuser soon, even though I am back far back in the waiting list.

- Nashi Pear

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Isabella G.

Miami, FL

Working from home, I've found the 'Peacefully Productive' fragrance to be a game-changer. The subtle Peony scent creates a focused yet relaxed environment, helping me tackle my tasks with a clear mind. I wish I can have set up on my app so i dont always to spray it. Overall, good tester and good value for money.
- Peacefully Productive

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Emily T.

Seattle, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

The AIRZAI Discovery Set includes a selection of our premium scents, designed to cater to various moods and preferences. Each set contains 4 bottles [5ML each] of our signature fragrances, offering you a diverse sensory experience.

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